NFL: History of Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins are one of the most popular franchises in all of professional football. They are a team that plays in the National Football League. This league features the best professional football competition available in the world.The Dolphins have had a lot of different stories over the course of their franchise, but the main things that people need to know about them can be summarized in three different ways. The first thing to do when thinking about the Dolphins is to look at the year 1972. The next thing is to learn about the Dan Marino years. The last thing to look at is what has happened since Dan Marino left the team.The 1972 Dolphins are a team that is more famous than any other team that has ever played professional football. They are of course the team that managed to go undefeated throughout the season and the playoffs. This left them with a 17-0 record.That season was one to remember, as the Dolphins defied all odds by winning most of the games that season without Bob Griese, their starting quarterback. With Griese on the sidelines the team turned to Earl Morrall. Morrall filled in for most of the season, but eventually was subbed out in the AFC Championship game.

Griese returned to the field and led the team to victory. He them led the team to a 14-7 Super Bowl victory over the Redskins. This season was ever been matched since that time. The team featured many great players like Griese, Larry Csonka, Jim Langer, Larry Little and Bob Kuechenberg.The team eventually picked up one of the best quarterbacks of all time. This quarterback, Dan Marino, was a bit hit for the Dolphins from the beginning. The Dolphins gave Marino the go ahead in the 3rd game of the season and he shined from the get-go. Marino managed to win the passing title and threw for 20 touchdowns in his rookie season.With Marino at the helm the team was a competitor year in and year out. He put up numbers that were not matched by anyone in his generation.

The biggest knock on Marino was always the fact that he never won a Super Bowl. Marino managed to come close at times, but never was able to get the job done. Despite this, he will go down as one of the top quarterbacks to ever have played the game.The post Marino era has been an interesting one. After having Marino for so long, the Dolphins have not been able to replace him for an extended amount of time. The quarterback position has been a struggled for the team ever since his departure. Over the years they have developed into a defensive program.The defense of the Dolphins was great for a while and is now aided by the great running game that the team has. The Dolphins have two great running backs now that can really carry the load. Ricky Williams was a great back for the Dolphins before his retirement, and returned to that great form last season. The team looks like it may be back in position to win games with the talent that they have today.